Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lauren Kate Giveaway!

I absolutely love Lauren Kate's Fallen books. In a time of vampire novels and movies, Lauren brought to life on the pages of a thickly bound book something that was fantastic and supreme. I happily anticipated the release date of each and every book, going to the stores to purchase them at midnight. The story is love in it's purest form and furthermore it is culturally rich. Lauren has a new book coming out called Teardrop and I am equally excited about this release. I feel the need to share with you all, her fabulous work through a give away. All 5 Fallen books;

Here is what you need to do to win these fabulous books:
1) Leave a comment under this blog telling me what your absolute favorite book is and why.
2) Share this blog with at least 2 other people. Have them mention you when they leave their comment.
For extra entries:
3) Share this blog on twitter.
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You receive 1 entry for every share or comment above but the first two, you must do. These are truly fascinating books you don't want to miss out. And if you already own them they would be an excellent gift for someone else. Don't forget to check out the first three chapters to my book, Fractured Heart, by clicking on the tab on the top of this page. Thanks for stopping by!

Good luck!