Friday, July 26, 2013

Writing on the go

I think that most writer's, at some point, have given the advice to write, and write often. If you have something in your head, write it down. You can be at a coffee shop, on a subway, sitting in the car (Not driving of course, lol.), at the beach just write, write, write. See just like them;


Not to mention in our busy every day lives it's just plain hard to accomplish anything extra. But, I have come to realize, it's perfect advice. There have been times that I had an idea and didn't write it down. It ended up in the backstreets of my mind, forgotten never to be found again. That's painful for a writer, to lose important dialogue, scenes, character developments. So, now when the mood strikes and I have an idea that needs to get written down I can just pull out one of many notebooks that are lurking around my house. I sometimes carry a notebook in my purse too, but I thought why? I have a phone, I can just write my thoughts out on the Notes app on my IPhone, save it and add it to my manuscript later. Ha-ha!

I had it all figured out. But, no, no I didn't. Right now I despise that app and if I could I would take it off but it's stuck there. I was out today riding along in the car, my husband driving, I had some ideas I wanted to write down, so I did, on Notes. When I got home, getting out my phone I proceeded to open notes. The writing was gone. Gone, I tell  you. It was a nightmare. I was kind of like this;

What is a girl to do? Try desperately to remember what I wrote. Only remembering a little bit, I stopped and decided to never write on my phone again. I'll stick to the old fashioned;

Ok, not that old fashioned. Notebooks it is! I'm sure there are other apps out there that are great for writing but I can't take the chance. I don't ever want to find my work has vanished again. I enjoy my IPhone though :)