Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Echo's, Fractured Heart cover and a little sneak peak!

Gah! You can hear your own echo in this blog. I have been working on fine tuning my manuscript and it is definitely more time consuming then I could have ever anticipated. But it is completely worth it and I can't wait to get Katy's story out to everyone! The cover should be ready in two weeks and I know it's going to be amazing as I have an amazing photographer. I am so happy that she has agreed to work with me. You can check out Pam Bell's work by going to her website or visiting her Facebook page. Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous to look at. She takes the most beautiful landscape pictures as well and you can even purchase them for your own personal use. They are just breath-taking. I am so excited about the cover! I have decided to use a scene from the book for the cover so Ms. Pam, myself and the cover model will do our best to re-create something visual for everyone. I leave you with a sneak peak of Fractured Heart! Hope you like it and please feel free to share away! This is the epigraph and is used to set the tone of the book.