Monday, October 7, 2013

New Blogging Schedule

I have a new blogging schedule! Everyone needs a schedule because without it we would all be wondering around aimlessly trying to figure out where we go and when! I have neglected my blog due to well numerous things but I love blogging! So I have scheduled posts at least 3 days a week! Here is what those posts will be;

Tell It Like It Is Tuesday

I'm not usually an opinionated person out loud but we all need an outlet for the drama that is going on in the writing and reading world. On Tuesday's I will give my opinion on some recent event that has happened. For example; the Goodreads policy change, the plagiarism accusations made against a bestselling author things like this. I'll give my opinion and I would love to here your take on it too as long as we are being decent about it.

Let's get personal Thursday

Thursday's will be about my personal endeavors in the writing/reading/blogging world. Maybe there is something that I have done or come across that could help you.

Spotlight on Saturday

On Saturdays I will turn the spotlight on someone else! It can be an author, blogger anyone. So watch out, I may be coming for you!
I may blog on off days about anything but you know that these three days are occupado on this site :) Thanks for stopping by and come back for Tell It Like It Is Tuesday.