Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Site!

Hello! I have officially relocated. Well, mostly. I will still blog, here, on blogger, but I do have an official website where you can find the model search information and book information. I will continue to blog here about anything that is up and coming and also, I will continue to have Author's Corner here on the blog. This blog is connected to my website. If you are searching for something, you will most likely find it there. The new website is:


I am still taking sign-ups for the model search till January 31, 2014. You can find the form on my website, the one above, but I will also leave it up here on my blog. Eventually, this site will only be a blog. I will very slowly transition that but not until after the model search. I apologize for any confusion. The new site is great, go check it out!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Out with the with the NEW

I don't want to just remember 2013, I want to think about the past and use it to make my 2014 explosive. 2013 has been a year of ups and downs like no other. I made some amazing new friends, lost someone very special to me, and published a book. If that isn't a complete opposite of ups and downs, I don't know what is.

So many emotions conflicted within me in 2013 that I had whiplash as each new day brought on a new set. Through it all, one thing remained constant and that was the Lord above. My faith in the Lord gave me strength to push on.

This is what I have learned from 2013:

1) The death of a loved one can make or break you. You can regret what you didn't do or you can be more forward with people. When they are gone, they are gone, and there is no way to redo what is done. But in the moment, when you have a decision to make- make it wisely, and remember the life that is lost and the regrets that you had. Don't put off what you can do right now, and remember that there is no expiration date on our lives. BE PROACTIVE

2) People can be pretty disappointing, but they can also mend a very frail heart. I have met some fabulous people- authors, fellow Christians, just random people- this last year and I draw on that connection to get me through, and, in return, I can strive. Have faith in people even when someone else gives you a reason to stop the faith. And you know what, it get's exhausting being let down over and over and over again. It takes a strong person to continue to have faith after all that. BE STRONG

3) Your dreams may fail, but it may not be the right dream for you. I can't tell you how many times I have attempted to do something, and it never sticks. But when it's the right thing, and the right time, it will stay with you. There is no completion without passion because we as people have very little self-discipline. DON'T GIVE UP

4) Love is a constant build up and break down.  Love can be a glorious feeling. It can also hurt like hell when number 2 above presents itself. I have seen love; lie, hate, and accuse, but if you let it, love can take you to a whole new level when it's real. It's hard to let love take over when you have been burned so many times, but your going to miss it if you don't let your defenses down. It's hard, I know, but it's also worth every moment, and I don't want to miss an opportunity because I am holding on to something someone else has done to me. OPEN YOUR HEART

Don't let the weight of the world and the things that life can bring you, get you down. With every circumstance, with every new friendship/relationship, with everything new- comes a choice. Choose to be happy.

My 2013 list!

1.) Favorite book- Sacrifice of Love  by Quinn Loftis

2.) Favorite song- Whatever You're Doing by Sanctus Real

3.) Favorite moment- My first review for Fractured Heart.

4.) Favorite Bible verse- Jeremiah 29:11

5.) Life changing moment of 2013- Publishing my first book!

6.) The book I was most looking forward to reading in 2013- Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Did I read it? No! Why? Because of all the bad reviews, (I was waiting for the hype to die down.) but I usually don't let reviews decide if I am going to read something or not, so it's still sitting on my TBR shelf, and as soon as I finish The Fiery Heart- I'm reading Allegiant.

7.) Favorite movie- Frozen

Now, 2013 is over and 2014 is here. I want to focus on 2014 and getting through it productively and more aware. I have goals and they are:

1.) Be more attentive to my kids.
2.) Write without distractions.
3.) Read at least one book a week.
4.) Interact more with others.
5.) Pray more.

I wish you all a productive and positive 2014!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fractured Heart by Krystle Lewallen- Book Trailer

I am so excited to bring you the official book trailer for Fractured Heart, book one in The Redemption Series. Out now! Enjoy!

Purchase links

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Fractured Heart Giveaway! And A Helping Hand

I am so excited to bring you this special news. It has been very difficult keeping it to myself for the past 3 weeks, but today I can share it with everyone. Three weeks ago, I made a decision, and when I made it I got this feeling of extreme elation. I got goosebumps all over and I knew that it was what God was calling me to do. I want to tell you a little about me before I tell you the news so that you can understand why I am doing this. When I was five, I was taken from my home and placed in a temporary home with foster parents. I had a foster mom, dad, brother and sister. It was not a pleasant experience, unfortunately. I just want to be clear that not every foster situation is unpleasant. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a grandma who had a huge heart. She fought for custody and won. Six months after I was in the foster home, all of my stuff was thrown into a garbage bag and I was being picked up by my grandma. Don't feel sorry for me. Every single thing that has happened to me, I chalk it up to experience and move on. My grandma was a wonderful woman who loved me. I was lucky enough to have a family member that wanted me, loved me, and took care of me.

Today, there are still an alarming number of kids who have to go to foster homes. I commend the people who foster children. I love that they have hearts that are big enough for kids who are not their own; who have been neglected, need medical help, or just need someone to love them.

In 2011, 11 percent of the children (over 26,000) exiting foster care aged out of the system. Research has shown that teens aging out of the system are highly likely as adults to experience homelessness, poor health, unemployment, incarceration, and other poor outcomes.

Here is what I am going to do, and here is how you can give back just by doing something you love to do; reading. For every electronic book of Fractured Heart sold from any site the purchase is available, from the time it is released and everyday thereafter, I will donate 10% (with hopes to increase this percentage in the near future) to an organization called Together We Rise. I happened to find this organization as I was searching for non-profit organizations that help children. I had a couple in mind, but when I came to the Together We Rise website, I got those goosebumps and felt my heart twist. What they do is simply amazing. They are giving these kids a chance at some normalcy, friendships, and hope.

Up to 80 percent of all children in foster care have serious emotional problems.

This organization provides children with a way to carry their belongs when they are moved around. They have a project called Sweet Cases for Foster Kids, where they collect duffel bags and suit cases- stuff them with hygiene kits, blankets, coloring books, crayons, and toys. In 2 years they have provided over 2,000 bikes to children in foster care. Not only do they go on a tour through the United States delivering these bikes, but they stay and help these kids build them. Building a connection with them, giving them some normalcy even for a day. That is something special. That day can change a child and bring hope into their lives. The best part about all of this time and energy they are giving- they are all interns. Young people who are helping make a difference.

At Together We Rise we do what we do, not because of the fame, glory, or recognition, we do it because it is the right thing to do.
I am so thrilled to be able to give back in some way. No matter if it's a little or a lot, it all matters. It can all do something. When you go out and purchase you e-book of Fractured Heart; you are helping make a difference in a foster child's life. We have some amazing people in the world. They far outweigh the bad. Let's enable them to do the good that is needed.
Nearly 700,000 abused and neglected children will spend time in foster care in the United States this year.
If you would like more information on Together We Rise or Foster Care; please follow the links provided below, or click on the Together We Rise banner at the bottom of this post.
I want to bring you a giveaway today too. Three author's, besides myself, have donated to this giveaway so that you have a chance to win 7 awesome prizes. Here they are:
Prize Pack 1
Kindle Fire HD w/ Fractured Heart and 2 books of your choice pre-loaded
Prize Pack 2
Signed paperback of Fractured Heart
Paperback of Wicked
Metal heart bookmark with silver tassel from Kate Aspen
Fractured Heart magnet
Fractured Heart pen
$5 gift card to Starbucks
Prize Pack 3
2 e-books of Destiny by Cindy Ray Hale
Prize Pack 4
1 e-book of Winter Shadows by Casey Bond
Prize Pack 5
2 e-books of Revelation by Doug Couse
Spread the news, enter the giveaway, and don't forget to join the Fractured Heart Online Book Launch Party on November 30th (See Link Below) where you have another chance at winning another Kindle! This giveaway will run from now (November 22, 2013) till December 16, 2013 at midnight.

*U.S. residents only for prize packs 1 and 2. All others are international. Thank you.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to now more about Together We Rise
Want to know more about Together We Rise? Watch their story here.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Online Book Launch Party For Fractured Heart

Come join the party on November 30th! I am celebrating the release of Fractured Heart with an online Book Launch Party. Just click HERE.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Cover Reveal: Fractured Heart by Krystle Lewallen

I am so excited to be revealing the cover of my book. There is no feeling that I can compare to what I feel right now; completion, accomplishment, and progress. Those are just a few. This cover would not have been possible without a few people,
Makaela Hall - Makaela was the most gracious cover model. She turned, twisted and inched in every which way that she was asked so that Pam could capture the perfect picture. This was her first time modeling and she was simply amazing. The picture speaks for itself.
Pam Bell Photography - I could not have had such a beautiful cover without such a wonderful photographer. I can not say enough good things about Pam. She was professional and captured some of the best pictures I have ever seen. I would encourage you to check out Amelia Island Scenes on Facebook to see more of her work. The scenic pictures are breathtaking. It's great to get on Facebook and have those beautiful pictures popping up on my page every once in a while.
Mia - Mia was the make-up artist on site. If there was a glitch she stepped up to the plate and took care of it. Mia is also a hair stylist and also touched up hair as needed.
Without these 3 ladies, I would not have been able to introduce this cover to you. I am truly blessed to have had them on my team for this shoot.
Book Information
Title: Fractured Heart
Series: The Redemption Series Book One
Release Date: November 29, 2013
I won't keep you waiting any longer, here it is...

You can visit my Facebook page by clicking here so that you can stay up to date on events that are happening. If you are interested in doing a review for Fractured Heart, please contact me by email .

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coffee and laptops...yeah they don't mix

I have been gone for far too long. But I have a perfectly good explanation for that so I'm about to tell you a story about a coffee cup, a laptop and hope!

There are two things that are very important to me as a writer; 1) coffee. I need my coffee to keep me awake as I write long hours into the night. Yes, I pull all nighters and they are pretty much impossible without that cup (or two) of joe. 2) my laptop. The laptop is essential, without it I would not be able to write because good old paper and pen just don't work anymore everything is done electronically. So, without these two things I would not be able to write.

Coffee and laptops, great separately. Usually my laptop is sitting in front of me and my coffee cup is sitting to my left as I type but on this particular day I was doing a read through and edits on my manuscript so my laptop was pushed back and my coffee cup was sitting in between it and me. You can see where this is going I bet. As I read along I had to get up from my seat at the dining room table so that I could do, what, I don't even remember because what happened next was painful. As I got up and pushed my chair back my chest bumped the coffee cup and dumped all over my laptop. It was on for two seconds then the screen went black. I immediately unhooked all power sources from the laptop and turned it upside down so that the coffee could drain.

My husband who was trying to help me, looks at me and before I even say anything he says, "It's going to be ok," I was like, "No, no it's not." He was so great as he tried to calm me down and after a few tears and some deep breaths I calmed down but the thought that my laptop was ruined burned through my brain. You are thinking, no big deal you have your manuscript backed up right? Uh, no. I didn't. I know, I know it wasn't a very smart choice to not have it backed up but I hadn't thought that I would actually be that careless. I'm usually really cautious around my laptop because it holds all of my writing.

So my laptop is sitting upside down draining onto a towel and I am frantically searching online (with my phone) for some advice on what I should do. Everything that I came across said that if you dumped water on it then there is a chance it could be saved but if you dumped something sugary or with dairy in it then it was probably not savable. Well my coffee had both of those things in it and I was thinking to myself this is so not going to be good.

I am a women of faith. I believe in God and Jesus. I definitely believe that He has a greater plan for us if we follow Him He will set us on that path and every single event that happens to you on that path is meant to be because it is His will. So the series of events that took place next was not surprising but I was so grateful that He gave me a sign so clear that it gave me some peace of mind.

All of this happened on a Thursday. Friday my husband and I were preparing to go on a weekend camping trip with our two children and Scout family. I had just finished all of my own edits as I was wrapping up the last chapter. Earlier that morning I had asked my editor if she was ready for my manuscript on Monday because I was going to finish the last chapter edits and do another read through over the weekend. Yes, I was suppose to spend a family weekend with the kids and camp out in a tent on the hard ground in the wild. But I was thinking of ways that I could smuggle my book into the campsite and read it so that it was fully ready by Monday morning for my editor.

My husband, bless his heart, was getting pretty tired of hearing me talk about my book and how I needed to finish it. How it wasn't getting done because I couldn't work continuously on it like I wanted. We had been at odds a couple of times about it but he realized how important it was to me so he relented. I have to admit that I let the book be one of the most important things in life for me while I was writing and editing it. Even though he was helping me with my laptop I think deep down he was thinking, good now she can take a break. He had told me that he was going to tell me to stay home alone for the weekend and just finish up what I needed to finish too.

Completely saddened by the turn of events I flopped down on my couch and tried not to hyperventilate because I had just finished my first novel, didn't have a back up and my laptop had too much coffee and went haywire. Logging on Facebook I was going to ask for some advice since I had found only negative things about it online. I follow Joyce Meyer Ministries on Facebook so I get those neat little devotionals and Bible verses that she posts. On this morning she had put this one up:

Learn to enjoy things without developing too strong of an attachment to them. -Joyce

If this was any clearer It would be transparent. I mean really if God had slapped me in the head and said, "Get a grip." it would have been really difficult for me to deny that He was clearly at work here. On Friday Doug and I packed up the car, the kids and headed out to Camp Echockotee. Laptop left behind to drain, manuscript untouched and hope completely and faithfully intact that when I started it up on Sunday evening it would work.

We had an amazing weekend and the weather was absolutely perfect for a fall camping trip. My husband and I actually repelled down a 50 foot wall and we just don't do that stuff because he is afraid of  heights and I am afraid of anything new especially something that could equal death. Hello, 50 foot wall, one harness and a rope that I controlled, yeah I was afraid. But I didn't panic and I didn't stress. I kept it together. And that goes for both laptop and that 50 foot drop that could have very well been the death of me.

On Sunday when we got home we unpacked and settled in. As I got my laptop and turned it over I put the battery back in and pushed the power button. Ok, the lights were on that was a good sign. When the screen came up with all of my files I was so happy!! I was not surprised because my faith was unshakable because of the clear signs that I had gotten from up above.

Can you believe that I am typing on my laptop right now and it works. At first the keys stuck and some didn't work but when I hooked up my wireless keyboard and, out of habit, typed on the laptop keyboard 4 days later all of the keys worked with the exception of the right clicker. My laptop is back and in good condition. Faith and hope can give you a lot of things and a peace of mind is one of those. There really is no use in worrying about something that is in God's hands. I had a great weekend, my editor has my manuscript and I am blogging again, woo hoo!