Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What goes up, must come...

Yes, you guessed it, down. Sir Isacc Newton's: The Universal Law of Gravitation has demonstrated just how this works. I know what you're thinking; is this a blog about reading and writing or is it a blog about science? You would be right about the first. However, we use this mantra, what goes up must come down, in our everyday life sometimes without even thinking about it. Here is a demonstration...

It doesn't belong to just science, we as writer's, bloggers, readers, people, tend to take the good things in life and automatically assume that hey, I threw it out there and now it's going to come barreling down on me at light speed and smack me in the head. Or someone else will throw it at you...

You think I'm going to tell you, no that won't happen or things always get better? No, no I'm not. Because there is a possibility that it will happen and what you threw out there may not get better but you can move on. There is no reason to dwell on what you cannot change. I know, I'm like asking you to change your whole personality...


but I never said it would happen over night. These things take time and really you'll never get anywhere if you just keep reprising all of the negative things in your life. So leave that stuff in the past and just use it as a resource to make yourself happy. Queue the happy dance...

So remember that what comes up, must come down but use it to your advantage.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tackling tough issues in writing

Last night I had to tackle a tough issue in my novel. I won't say what that was, you'll have to wait for it to come out :) I have read books that tackle tough subjects in the past, anorexia, cutting, peer pressure, unwanted pregnancies, mugging, death and some I just can't put down because there has to be a happy ending and some I just can't finish because it's to repulsive. How do you know as a writer that you've gone too far with a particular subject? You just can't because everyone's view on "what's too far" is going to be different. My personal opinion is to keep it clean, instead of focusing on the act itself focus on what the characters are feeling during such a tough time. First and foremost, there are people out there that could have real life experience with such things and I'm sure they don't want to relive their experience through a book their reading. The purpose of writing about those tough subjects is only to tackle them head on and see how the characters recover from these things in hopes that you can inspire others to move forward with their issues or encourage them to take the next steps at the very least. Last night I literally had to stop writing several times and remind myself why I was writing this particular scene. Cringing with every tap of the keyboard, my heart was racing and even though I knew where the book would end, I was still screaming at the character. Just know that the ultimate goal when writing is that your audience will gain something positive from what they read in the end. But, I just can't avoid the tough issues. They really happen in real life so I will keep writing them in hopes that someone somewhere will relate and it will strengthen them. As readers or writers, whichever you are, what are your thoughts on the tough subjects in books such as the above?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Writing on the go

I think that most writer's, at some point, have given the advice to write, and write often. If you have something in your head, write it down. You can be at a coffee shop, on a subway, sitting in the car (Not driving of course, lol.), at the beach just write, write, write. See just like them;


Not to mention in our busy every day lives it's just plain hard to accomplish anything extra. But, I have come to realize, it's perfect advice. There have been times that I had an idea and didn't write it down. It ended up in the backstreets of my mind, forgotten never to be found again. That's painful for a writer, to lose important dialogue, scenes, character developments. So, now when the mood strikes and I have an idea that needs to get written down I can just pull out one of many notebooks that are lurking around my house. I sometimes carry a notebook in my purse too, but I thought why? I have a phone, I can just write my thoughts out on the Notes app on my IPhone, save it and add it to my manuscript later. Ha-ha!

I had it all figured out. But, no, no I didn't. Right now I despise that app and if I could I would take it off but it's stuck there. I was out today riding along in the car, my husband driving, I had some ideas I wanted to write down, so I did, on Notes. When I got home, getting out my phone I proceeded to open notes. The writing was gone. Gone, I tell  you. It was a nightmare. I was kind of like this;

What is a girl to do? Try desperately to remember what I wrote. Only remembering a little bit, I stopped and decided to never write on my phone again. I'll stick to the old fashioned;

Ok, not that old fashioned. Notebooks it is! I'm sure there are other apps out there that are great for writing but I can't take the chance. I don't ever want to find my work has vanished again. I enjoy my IPhone though :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lauren Kate Giveaway!

I absolutely love Lauren Kate's Fallen books. In a time of vampire novels and movies, Lauren brought to life on the pages of a thickly bound book something that was fantastic and supreme. I happily anticipated the release date of each and every book, going to the stores to purchase them at midnight. The story is love in it's purest form and furthermore it is culturally rich. Lauren has a new book coming out called Teardrop and I am equally excited about this release. I feel the need to share with you all, her fabulous work through a give away. All 5 Fallen books;

Here is what you need to do to win these fabulous books:
1) Leave a comment under this blog telling me what your absolute favorite book is and why.
2) Share this blog with at least 2 other people. Have them mention you when they leave their comment.
For extra entries:
3) Share this blog on twitter.
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You receive 1 entry for every share or comment above but the first two, you must do. These are truly fascinating books you don't want to miss out. And if you already own them they would be an excellent gift for someone else. Don't forget to check out the first three chapters to my book, Fractured Heart, by clicking on the tab on the top of this page. Thanks for stopping by!

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I'll be reading

Do you want to know what I think one of the most important things to being a good author is, reading and reading a lot. Really, it's kind of like studying for authors. Reading others work helps you to realize what type of writer you want to be, what audience you'd like to reach and how you want your character's to appear. Most of the time you can't see the fault in your own writing but when your reading someone else's novel you automatically pick out what you don't like. So, I try to read as often as my life allows, you know after God, my family and friends, my own writing and my house. Yes, my poor house get's the boot most of the time. If you ever come to my house and it's clean well, I knew you were coming so whatever you do, don't open the movie closet, haha.

I am really looking forward to starting this new book by Staci Stallings called Deep in the Heart. If you want to read along with me you can purchase it on Amazon here. Below is a picture of the cover and a description of the book. Alright, I have to clean my house and do the laundry if I want to start this book tonight. Later!

Just out of college and completely alone in the world, Maggie Montgomery has one shot left to save her life from an abyss of poverty and hopelessness. Clinging to the last shred of fuel and hope, she arrives at the mansion of Texas billionaire Conrad Ayers. Although Maggie is clearly not what Mr. Ayers and his wife have in mind for a nanny, they agree to hire her temporarily until they can find someone more appropriate to fill the position. However, Maggie's whole world is about to be up-ended by two way-over-scheduled children and one incredibly handsome hired hand. As she struggles to fit into a world she was never made to fit in, Maggie wonders if she can ever learn to become a perfect version of herself so she can keep the job, or is she doomed to always be searching for a life she can never quite grasp?

Keith Ayers despises his life. As the son of Texas billionaire Conrad Ayers and the fiance to a Senator from Texas' daughter, it looks great on the outside, but inside, he is dying. He would vastly prefer to manage and train his father's racehorses. However, everyone else thinks that is beneath him. He needs to get into industry and build on his father's success. Suffocating under the constrictions of his life, he meets Maggie who begins to teach him that wealth and power is not everything in this life. But can Keith defy the most powerful men in Texas to follow his heart?

First 3 chapters of Fractured Heart

Good morning sweet world! Even though it is utterly pitiful outside with the dark clouds and lack of sunshine, I try to make the best of everyday. Today is no exception and to make today extra special I will be sharing the first three chapters of Fractured Heart. Just click Me, yes that's right, me right here<--------------, and it will take you to my Writer's Café site. Don't forget to leave a comment here or on Writer's Café.

Just a reminder that I will be doing a give away on Friday. If you have not read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate you are really missing out. It's fantastic. But you have a chance to win all 4 of the books in this series. This is the first book and the cover is beautiful:

Have a fantastic day and good luck!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Give away

Keep an eye out for a give away that I will be starting on Friday (7/26). One of my favorite authors, Lauren Kate, has a book coming out on October 22 called Teardrop. (You can preorder this book from Amazon by clicking the cover to the right of this page.) So, to give you all a little preview of her fabulous writing, I will be giving away all 5 of her Fallen novels. So come back and tell everyone and please don't forget to enter!

Title to my first book and the first chapter!!

First chapter to my new book is up, just click here. It can also be found under the tab at the top of the page, Fractured Heart. That is the title to the book. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bon Voyage, for only a little while but know I am back

I have been gone for too long! Ahhh, we took a family trip to Disney World, it was my very first time but my husband has been before. Can I just say...IT WAS AMAZING!! It was the perfect day not too hot, the kids did excellent, no issues we all arrived back in one piece. Here's a few fabulous pictures of my kids and I and we can't forget Mickey and the gang:

But, now I am back and very ready to start writing! I have so much going on in my head right now and I need to write it down ASAP. I haven't been able to read To Kill A Mockingbird much but I will get back to that because I am happily anticipating reading The Fault In Our Stars, which I purchase yesterday. Also, my son will be four in a few weeks so I am planning a big Superhero Birthday Bash on August 10th. The only thing completed for the Birthday are the invitations. But they are really awesome! See:

Let's not forget school starts on August 6th and my anniversary is in two weeks. There's just so much going on, it's been a busy month and I don't foresee it slowing down much. But it can be handled and I'm good as long as I can write. Here I go reading, writing, planning that's what it's all about!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Current Works In Progress

Alright, I have posted the premise for the two books I am currently working on, under Works In Progress tab. Take a look, leave a comment and please let me know if you are interested in an ARC. New author here, need some feedback on my writing. Thanks.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello world, it's me!

Currently it's 11:33pm at night. I would love to be sleeping, however I can't. Sleep has been my enemy for the past couple of weeks because, well, I am one of those people who loves to stay up past their bedtime and write, not that I have a bedtime because I'm  twenty seven. If I even attempted to go to sleep it would evade me, when I have something on my mind I have to get it out. But, I don't think you care about my awful sleeping habits. What you really want to know is who I am and what you can expect to find on this blog.

Let's start with the easy stuff. My name is Krystle, but I think you already got that. Currently I am living in Florida with my husband, Doug, my two wonderfully beautiful children, Chris and Matt and my two furry little poodles. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio but I didn't like the snow so, here I am in the Sunshine State. I live on an Island and, yes, it's awesome! I miss my family because they all live far, far away in a land...just kidding, they live in Toledo, mostly. But, I do miss them terribly.

I have this small, silly dream that one day I will be a successful author. Apparently publishing your work isn't all that hard now a days. When I prepare to publish my work I want to be sure the characters in my books stand out, are strong and have morals. My ultimate goal is that my books inspire people to "show the love" while I deliver an exceptionally intriguing story. Oh, and sometimes I write poems.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you check back daily for news on my upcoming books, my busy life and a whole lot more. And, if you want to talk books, writing or anything that your hearts desire just know, I'm game!